Video and Photo Mesum Ariel and Aura Kasih

Still shocked by video-like Ariel and Luna Maya and Videos like Ariel and Cut Tari, now word comes from the realm of shocking back online, the news has been circulating of Video Mesum Ariel with sexy singer Aura Kasih. As assumed by many people, there are as many as 32 Videos Ariel ready to be circulated by the perpetrators that the police are still traceable. The Video Sex Ariel and Aura Kasih. To 32 video was allegedly held by people who steal / find a laptop / external hard drive missing Ariel, where the laptop / hard drive there is a sex videotape with Ariel’s lover and my ex-girlfriend.

Now starting from gossip on Twitter, videos and photos gonzo Ariel and Aura Kasih search target people who are still curious to follow the continuation of the most horrendous scandal in 2010. As reviewed detikhot, Rumor Ariel and Aura Kasih video is a duration of 9 minutes. Some say that the duration of videos longer than 18 minutes previously circulated. However, until now the video can not be found, in other words is a mere issue. However, many people who believe it will be outstanding.

According to the comments that I see, regardless of whether or not this will be circulated Video Aura Kasih and Ariel, many people who even waited for Ariel is the third video, they are quite tempted with plump body nan Aura Kasih sexy and curious about his sexual attraction. Yes, comments and even though public attention has been taken to follow the development of this controversy. Many people also say it’s only the transfer of political issues and even up to the issue of Israel and Ship Marvi, but in fact this is probably the appropriate warning for anyone in particular in Indonesia so as not to boast record dikamera personal scenes, etc., in other words, do not be naked in front of the camera !

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