Sex Videos From PNS Ende

Sex Video Ende of civil servants, is the latest video nasty that involves the civil servants (Civil Service). Video Mesum for fast download outstanding and in the community to make public the City / County Ende, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) was made excited and angry. Angered by a video nasty of course labeled this Ende defame people Ende NTT. Although the authorities are still investigating the truth of this video nasty, is it really relevant or not Ende.

PNS Mesum this video featuring scenes not Ende bawdy woman who allegedly is a servants Person Ende NTT with a man in a car. Scenes both are accompanied by songs Ende, Ramona. Women who are suspected of civil servants such Ende, wearing a uniform complete with attributes Korpri PNS. While the male actors wearing free clothes. This 10-minute video. This video is there now more than make splashy movies Tera Patrick (Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan)

Citizens Police hope Ende and circulation Video Mesum Ende PNS can be stopped, because it is dangerous especially if it is to watch a video nasty children under age. Thus, they urge people everywhere to not disseminate this Video Mesum PNS Ende.

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One Response to “Sex Videos From PNS Ende”

  1. Kalo pegawai honorer yg melakukan itu sih mungkin masih OK2 aja, (kalo kita pake kebijakan pemakluman) tapi kalo PNS yg sudah sumpah & ada etika profesinya, waduh.ngancurin korps dong! Mendingan dia kontak saya aja deh, saya mau bikin film hot indie nih!

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