Para Pencari Tuhan 4, Religious Drama and Entertaining

The Religious Drama The Seeker of God / Para Pencari Tuhan 4 (PPT) return air on Indonesia TV stations: SCTV every day at 3 in the morning until late Imsak. After previous success with the PPT 1 (2007), PPT 2 (2008) and the PPT 3 (2009), now the soap opera that contains the values of Islamic teachings that coincided with a funny story (comedy religious) will be aired about 30 episodes until mid-widths 2010, with title PPT Volume 4.

What’s interesting is directed Dedy Mizwar PPT is the players that remain the same, 4 years completely outside the base for solidity team soap opera that the story was written by Rev. HS.

Here is a synopsis of The God Seeker Volume 4 (I Quote from the site of SCTV):

NOT a single person who claims to have faith that did not get a test from God. Mr. Jalal, the richest man in the village of Bang Jack, entered a new phase in his life. Because the error itself, Mr. Jalal is totally bankrupt and impoverished are forced to live in a shack owned by Asrul. Initially, Mr. Jalal has a kind of post-power syndrome. Flakes character owned by Mr. Jalal back together, he became the most narcissistic of poor people in the village.

Conversely, Astrul and his wife who was once the poorest couples in the village, started successful businesses soto stall. They now occupy the rented house that is more feasible.

But the new phase of life was not without problems. Worship Asrul began to fail due to busy life extraordinary. At some point, Asrul ask God to be returned to the old life, when the family was still poor Asrul.

While the guards Udin, decided to use money to buy a motorcycle pilgrimage new. By bike, Udin will make a living as a motorcycle, to improve family living standards, as well as saving again to go to Hajj.

On the other hand, Bang Jack felt lonely and getting closer to death. Bang Jack worried if Chelsea, Barong, and Juki already has its own life, he will die alone with no one there for her. That’s why Bang Jack becomes more sensitive, easy to sulk, and melancholy.

Couple Azzam Aya and start a new life married. Aya is not the housewife type who can serve her husband well, though still full of love. This is a problem for the increasingly visible Azzam nag. Coupled with the presence of a financial manager who pretty in their offices.

Villagers did not escape from the ordeal. Bonte discovered a suitcase full of money USD 2 billion. The existence of no man’s money that Jack Bang village life threatening initially harmonious and peace loving. Money in the suitcase that gave birth to political intrigues village that is triggered by Trio RW.

How do the leaders of the Seeker of God 4 pass these exams? Find the answer only on channel One for All.

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