Keong Racun Video on Youtube, Making Famous Shinta and Jojo

Video Keong Racun YoutubeKeong Racun became popular after the appearance of Shinta and Jojo Lipsync Video on Youtube who were singing songs dangdut titled Keong Racun. The video was considered funny and weird to watch a lot of internet surfing Youtube and became famous mainly caused by the mass media, especially television that is too excessive preach.

As a result, the Keong Racun became a byword. Shinta and Jojo fact that this young, admitted that they made a video lipsync, just for fun. If then those who are interested to watch and even download Keong Racun video, then it is not unusual. As with other funny videos on the internet.

That is no less crazy is Charly ST 12 passengers who chimed in on the popularity of this Keong Racun song. Charly buy this track exclusively from the author this song. Then, he re-arrangement of this dangdut song became a pop rock song. He’ll have his choice singers namely Duo Putri Penelope to sing this song in a pop music version.

Ideas and actions of this ST 12 Band vocalist, making the singer formerly Keong Racun, namely Lissa, not less sprightly popular passenger. He is angry because not invited Charly to sing pop rock version of this song. In fact, he felt that he was the one who has popularized the song that the lyrics are quite mischievous and intriguing.

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