Indonesia VS Filipina (Philippines) : AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Semifinal

Indonesia VS Philippines (Filipina) - Indonesia will fight against the Philippines (Filipina) in the semifinals of the AFF Cup 2010. Indonesia to qualify for the semifinals after successfully become a champion of Group A while the Philippines to qualify for the semi-finals after being runner Up Group B. And, as provisions, Winner Group A will meet the runner-up Group B.

In the rules of AFF Cup 2010, the match was held in 2 semifinal games, home and away, which means the game will be held in Indonesia and the Philippines, but the latest news said that because of domestic problems, the Philippines reportedly not ready to hold home games, which means home games Philippines cage match will hold a neutral place against Indonesia and so far the news last 2 locations are alternatives between in Singapore or Malaysia.

Beyond technical venues, if glimpsed on the quality of the game and overall team strength and see the results of the Group qualification, of course Indonesia is more favored because impressive show with dangle Group A with maximum points (9). And we certainly hope that Indonesia can win on AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 semi-final match against the Philippines this.


  • Leg 1: Philippines (Host) -> December 16, 2010
  • Leg 2: Indonesia (Host) -> December 19, 2010

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  2. Maybe the writer of this is wrong because Filipina is a woman not a country. I hope youre not maligning Filipinos pls check your column title…

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