How To Enlarge Penis Natural Way (Traditional)

Here are the techniques or how to enlarge the (elongate) male genitals or penis (dick) natural and traditional. You can do yourself without the help of tools and without harmful stimulants that can cause side effect.

This technique is in fact already known for a long time, even by supposedly said that the people of Sudan and the Middle East region was the first to use this technique. Men they were hereditary bequeath this technique for many centuries, and now our turn to try.

Before you begin, there are a few things to note:

* This technique is not a one-way instant technique immediately visible results, to the determination and strong commitment from yourself, so if it faster guaranteed surrender will not work.
* Do not force yourself to get instant results. Do not get due to fast and then we memforsir barhasil exercise can cause penile injury. Appreciate your vital organs.
* The routine is the key to the success of this technique.

A. Stretching / Length extender

This exercise is intended to increase penis length, the way is to stretch the erectile tissue. Erectile tissue is a network of tendons that will make our penis erection when filled with blood from the blood in our body. This exercise is more secure than if we practice the use of ballast in the tie on the penis.

The first thing to note is that the penis should be in a flacid state (sleeping, sluggish, calm, no erection). The second one should be sitting or standing position, the third is not a penis in slippery conditions or circumstances that could cause our hands slip while holding the penis. And steps are as follows:


* Hold the tip of the penis with one hand and other hand holding the hand holding the penis. At the time of holding the hands make sure we do not skid, but also not to be too hard because it can injure the penis.
* Pull the penis to the front to feel the stretch, but not too hard. Enough to feel that we are forced to stretch the penis, hold up of about 30 seconds, then release. repeat until about about 10 times.
* Remove the penis, and then at-Tap your penis to the left until your right thigh about 30 seconds, or until the penis is relaxed.
* Repeat step 2, but this time pull the penis upwards.
* Repeat step 3.
* Repeat step 2, this time pull the penis to the left.
* Repeat step 3.
* Repeat step 2, this time pull the penis downward.
* Repeat step 3.
* Repeat step 2, this time pull the penis to the right.
* Repeat step 3.

Next repeat this step but this time in the round in a circle to the left, and then reverse. Repeat five times and then ending with repeat step 3. This exercise will really feel the results after 3 to 4 month.

B. Jelging

This exercise is intended to enlarge the penis size. This exercise has been done for centuries by many tribes in the Middle East, which exercises original author calls it a family secret recipe.

Teknikya is to continually meet the penile blood force, which will eventually lead to cavities in the enlarged tendon tissue and is able to accommodate more blood, which eventually enlarge the penis size. For information on penile erection occurs because the blood that we are meeting the penile tissue, thus hardened. This exercise takes about 20 minutes. And better done while sitting or standing. Use enough lubricant fluids, such as baby oil or vaseline.

The first thing to note is that the penis should be in a state of partial erection, or approximately 60-80% erection, because if the penis in a lackluster it will not get any results. And if the penis in full erection, the penis would be too hard and jelging not going to be done. The second is never to ejaculate. if not abstinence, be rest for a while until the excitement subsided, and then continue. If until ejaculation jelging day it must be terminated, because after ejaculation penis muscles will be too tired to do jelging, increase the risk of injury.

Steps are as follows:

* Make sure you have a penis and arms terlumuri with liquid lubricant.
* Make sure the penis has been in a state of 60-80% erection.
* Hold the base of the penis with the position of our hands when the motion OK (make sure we handle sedasar may, by way of uniting the thumb with index finger.) Then brace the handle until you feel the blood locked in the penis, but not too strong. Do not handle with all fingers.
* Pull the handle of our upward slowly while the index finger and thumb still lock the penis, the penis will look bigger because of blood in the forced rise upwards. At the moment our hands up, pegangkan other hand at the base of the penis with the same handle,
* After the first grip to the tip of the penis (not the head of the penis), remove the handle first-hand and raise your other hand up in the same way. If the URLs of this technique as a breeder cow milking cows.
* Apply for 10 minutes, or 100-200 test.

After three weeks of raising the frequency to be 20-30 minutes, and within 3 months the results would be seen. Finish the exercise of your penis will feel warm and slightly painful, also looks a little bigger. This is the normal state and indeed the state sought. Because the training is complete will stretch the tendon tissue and in a state of fatigue (fatigue).

Normal if the penis can not erect after jelging practice, because we are too tired penis. Things will become normal after some time. This exercise not only increase the penis becomes large, but also harder and healthier future. The last and most important is: Do not hold the penis too strong, hold the power of casual blood but could be pumping and stuck up.

If the surface penis hurt or prolonged pain in the penis, stop exercising for a few days to recover. That mark our grip is too strong, set back our grip.

C. Kegel

According to the author this is the practice of real masculinity. This exercise aims to train stamina and strengthen the penis (let durable), also to prevent prostate cancer. This exercise also hone our ability to control ejaculation (let durable). In women, exercise is good for improving the quality of orgasm.

Kegel also known as BC exercise. The technique is to train the muscles Bulbocavernosus (BC muscle). This muscle is located near the base of the penis and prostate, muscle is what is indirectly pumping and contracting when we ejaculate, and by training these muscles are also trained our masculinity. This exercise is first created about 45 years ago by a gynecologist named Arnold Kegel, MD and is now recommended by many gynecologists around the world, including Dr. Boyke in a talk show on television.

Variations that can be done is as follows:

* Bc muscles tighten repeatedly for 20-30 times then rest for a moment, then repeat several times.
* Bc muscles tighten slowly until the bc muscles feel tense and hip feels tired and then disconnect. Rest a while and repeat several times.
* Bc muscles tighten and hold for 30 seconds. after that off and resting, repeat several times.

The frequency of this exercise is not binding, because muscles do not get tired bc, the more we practice the better. This exercise can also be done anywhere because it is almost not visible to others.

The latter is the frequency of exercise of all the techniques before, perbandinan between exercise and rest must be in accordance with the power of the penis, the lag time is very important to give the penis time to recover. Good luck.

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