6 Ways Masturbation : Healthy, Safe and Delicious

For those of you who have not had an official partner, masturbation sometimes be an option or a short cut to deliver a biological necessity. Then what kind of ways of masturbation what Healthy and Delicious follows I will present some tips that I read from various sources! Hopefully, these tips are helpful for those of you maniacs masturbation good for a man (guy) and women (girls). But my advice, as much as possible avoid masturbating if you can!

Tips or How to masturbation :Healthy and Delicious:

  1. Find a comfortable place and a place that can be locked tight and also not spend a lot of noise. It could be disguised as well as setting the music or other sounds that are not suspicious.
  2. Then can be started by imagination or imagine girls, women, women who want (if the trouble can use the picture). You can do it in bed rooms, bathrooms, seating, sofa and so on according to your wishes and make you comfortable.
  3. We recommend using a special lubricant baby oil masturbation or at least are not hard and not pungent. If the penis is already tense, coat with lubricant and then shake / rub-need according to your taste slowly.
  4. Train penis do not get out quickly so as not to be premature ejaculation / premature but can still enjoy it.
  5. If it is the climax / orgasm / top of the hole in front of your pubic, cleaned with a clean tissue and concurrently dilated 2 or 3 so as not to leak. After finishing spurt then wipe with a tissue and then dispose of soiled tissue into the trash.
  6. Trim the location afterwards and remove the files of your activities. Can be followed by a shower to cleanse myself.

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